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How I met my anxiety

I was living in a small city in Slovenia, surrounded by the serene mountains with snow covered tops. Everything was just as I always imagined my perfect life setting would look like. I was living with my loving boyfriend, daydreaming about our wedding and future life. It was winter and it was snowing. Did I mention how much I love winter?

On a gloomy March day, we went to a huge furniture shop. I was looking for a nice piece and wandering through big industrial halls. And there it was, it was waiting for me in a corner, sneaking in as if it was anticipating our encounter for my whole life. My heart wasn't beating fast and I could still breathe normally, but I couldn't feel my sanity for a while. What I once knew as a comfortable feeling now became unexpected uncertainty with many possible outcomes and haunting fear above. I was afraid I am going mad. And after few minutes I was back to my old self. But in a way, I was never same again. This dangerous romance has just started and we were about to date on a weekly basis at least. Although I wanted to break up on our first day.

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