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Little things underrated

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I was in the middle of my horrible morning anxiety when I woke up. Naturally, with time, I learnt a lot about it and its mechanisms. Mornings for some people tend to be harder and it's simply because of a naturally higher levels of cortisol that is peaking in those minutes after we wake up. The body is prepared and put in the state of "fight or fly". And if I was living in prehistoric ages this would probably worked great for me, because I would have a real animal standing in front of me or chasing me, so it would make more sense. Like this, I am imagining that something equally scary is waiting for me. And indeed, on some days we do have scary things and it's ok to feel discomfort because of it. But it's not ok to allow yourself to dwell on it. I managed to break this anxiety this morning with the simplest thing on this world. That moment, when you think that the hardest thing is just to get out of the bed and the thought of doing it looks completely dreading and impossible, is the moment when you need to do it. I promise, if you get up and just drink a glass of water and do the smallest thing - taking a deep breath, making a cup of tea, playing a music or whatever you really love, will make things at least 10% better. From that moment you are already enabled to cope with the rest of this morning war.

Keep going and see yourself in the happiest places. You never know what tomorrow brings, but if the worst can happen, perhaps the most beautiful can happen, as well.

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